Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some lilke it HOT...some NOT

Their heeerrreeee....the wonderful HOT AZ months. This is the time of year when I REALLY long to live somewhere else.

We have gotten up really early the past couple of days to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too hot to be outside. However, I am still trying to determine, in my mind, just exactly what "too hot" is .

I have one of those nifty temp gauges on my car and at 8:30am this morning it was telling me that it was already 97 degrees outside. WHAT! no way, it couldn't already be closing in on 100 degrees that early in the morning, the day was just getting started! But oh yea, it was confirmed after I saw a temp reading from a digital retail sign that I later passed on my way to the soccer park. It was in deed 97 degrees. Boy was that depressing, as I definitely knew what the afternoon was going to bring...being confined to the indoors, with the AC on high. (I know, I can at least be thankful for the the AC...ok,ok) fun was to be had in the outdoors today.

We do have plans to visit the community pool sometime soon. I am sure that will be a hit and a nice "cool" place to be for most of the summer days, still yet to come.


Chelle said...

I feel your pain. It's nice and hot, and humid here. Although, I would take that dry heat over this humidity any day! Neither one is very fantastic....antartica anyone?!?!

Jen said...

YIKES!! It getting close to triple digit heat here and I thought that was bad. I am glad you have good Air conditioning!!

Love you guys!