Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to Write

I hate that I go for so long between posts here. For some reason I just can't find the time, energy and motivation to pull myself to this "post" screen on my blog to write.  There is so much to write and share here, that is not the problem.  I might have to schedule it into my calendar or add it to my daily lists.  Maybe I will try that....Or maybe by next week you will find more of me here, after all our schooling for the year is complete!  Yeah! Can't wait for that. I think I am more ready than the kids.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

W & P Sunday: Addison Road - What do I know of Holy?

I has been a while since I last posted a W&P Sunday song.  I thought that I would get one in today. 

The one that I would like to share is from Addison Road called What do I know of Holy? We were fortunate enough to have this band visit our church this weekend.  They performed a concert last night and then lead us in worship this morning. I have not followed the band that much, although I do listen to and love their songs that are regularly played on KLOVE and Air1.  It is always more special and significant when you can meet and learn more about the people behind the songs. I am sure I will follow them more closely now. They started their band in college and have been together for 10 years. 

This one that I am sharing today is one of my favorites by them.  I did not post the lyrics here as they are in the video. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A God Thing!

I haven't talked much about this with most people and have never posted anything regarding it here on my blog.  However, this definitely, now, deserves acknowledgment so I though I would share it here.

A little over one year ago, I went in for a routine doctor check.  As with most routine doctor checks, I also had blood work done.  This blood work showed that I had possible issues with my Thyroid.  So, I was referred to a specialist.  Being that there are not very many specialists that treat thyroid issues where I live, I had to wait 3 months for my first appointment.  Finally the first appointment had arrived and I was so upset and frustrated becasue all the doctor wanted to do was put me on medication right away, before really studying what was going on.  If you know me, you know that I am not one to just take any medication.  I only take it if I REALLY have to.  So, with that I was on the search for another doctor for a second opinion.  Again, another 3 month wait.  Finally, the appointment arrived, I met and talked with the doctor and then began the process of many more blood draws.  This doctor did what I thought the first should have done, and that is study and watch some blood counts over a period of time.  So after a few blood draws and more numbers I was back in the office again, only this time, all the counts came back normal.  I could tell by the look on the doctors face and the way that she spoke to me that she was even a little surprised at this.

There is really so much more to the story, but the bottom line here is that this is definitely a GOD thing.   I had peace from the very beginning and knew everything would be okay.   I just prayed and prayed that I would not have to take any medication. Specially for Thyroid issues, as once you start on Thyroid  medication it is usually something that you end up taking for life.

ALLELUIA!!! I give all the Glory to God!

Mighty Mitered Flanged Pillow

 Here is my final pillow that I have been working on for my Grandmother.  I have to make this its own post as it really deserves it!  I say it deserves its own post becasue this was the first time that I have made anything that has a mitered flange on it.  It sounds and looks easy enough, right?  Well, it isn't.  At least it wasn't for me.

With all the pillows that I have made in the past month, I have learned how to do 2 new t hings.  The first was I learned how to sew an invisible zipper and the other was this mitered flange.  The difference between the two were day and night.  I used the wonderful internet (YouTube) to find tutorials on how to sew an invisible zipper, however you would not believe that I could not find ANYTHING on how to sew a mitered flange.  I could not believe it (and still can't).  I thought that maybe I was not searching for the right thing so I tried everything I could think of.  When I finally gave up I asked my wonderful hubby to help.  He can find ANYTHING on the internet.  So, I began to give him a quick lesson on what I was trying to do and told him all the possible names and "terms" that this could possibly be found under and then let him go at it.  Even he couldn't find anything (video tutorials).  Finally, he did find a PDF document with some basic and mismatched steps.  So, I printed it out and studied it for days, trying to make out what to do, how to do it and where to begin.  In the mean time (during these few days of internet searching), I decided to try and figure this all out on my own.  It never happened.  I can't even remember how many times I ripped all the stitches that I sewed.

Finally, it clicked, after much time of reading and rereading this list of steps that I found, I did it! Now, I have to say that it is not the best.  There are quit a bit of nips and tucks around the pillow, specially around the corners, but overall  it looks okay and it is completed.  Here are a couple of pictures of this "mighty mitered flanged" pillow. 

This last picture is the back of the pillow where you can see the invisible zipper that I put in it.  I am still working on perfecting the invisible zipper as you can see just a little bit of it on the left.  You shouldn't be able to see any of it, hence the name "invisible" zipper.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Band Star

It is that time of  year again... the "end of the year" ceremonies and concerts. Although we are a home school family we still participate in couple of the programs that the local public school has to offer.  One of those programs is Band.  Tyler has been attending band classes all year long at the middle school.  He took a mini band class last year when he was in school and played in the percussion section. This year he decided to change instruments and learn how to play the Tenor Saxophone. Changing instruments meant he had to start back in the beginner band all over again.  He was fine with that and has loved every minute of it.  He worked hard all year and made tremendous improvements.  Just a few months ago he was given the honor of moving up to play with the intermediate band.

This past Monday we got to see (hear) the fruits of all his labor at their end of the year concert. As it turned out, we learned that there were only two students the entire year that got to move up to the intermediate band, and Tyler was one of the two.  The teacher had both students stand and recognized both of them for all their hard work all year long.  I, actually, had no clue that Tyler was one of only two students.  I also didn't realize what a big deal she was gong to make about it.  So, I have to say, I was one PROUD mama!  I also didn't realize that the intermediate band only has 9 students in it (out of probably 70-80 total band students).  So I guess you could say he was definitely in the top minority. 

Way to go Tyler! We are so proud of you!

These are the 9 intermediate band students doing their performance.

 Tyler playing with the intermediate band.

 The two students standing and being recognized for all their hard work.

 Tyler doing a "speaking" part and introducing the next song that they were going to play.

The entire beginner band. They all did a wonderful job. 

I can't end the post with out recognizing the Band teacher. She did an awesome job with all the students. 

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Already?

Oh my! I can not believe that it has been a full month since I last posted here. Man, how time flies. So much has happened in this past month.  Here is a quick recap of life around here: 

-The biggest news and most exciting for us is that we finally are getting somewhere with finding a new (to us) home for our family. It seems that 99.99% of all homes for sale (where we live) are all short sale or foreclosures and that means WAITING WAITING and more WAITING...on the banks!  We had an offer on a home that seemed to be going NO WHERE and then Bam! there was actually a home that came available that was a "regular" sale. We jumped on it and are now only 2 weeks away from closing and finally having someplace that we will be able to call "home".  We are very thankful for the rental roof that is over our head now.  Somehow it is just different when you know you have someplace to really call home. 

-With April also came the end of the NHL hockey season and the beginning of the playoffs.  Our awesome Coyotes actually made it to the playoffs this year and we splurged and went to their home games.  It was so much fun and great family times and memories.  They didn't make it past the 1st round but we still love and support our team! 

-Sickness has hit our house pretty hard this month. We very rarely get sick around here (thank you Lord) but unfortunately most of the month of April we have all been fighting some sort of sinus and respiratory illness.  We have gone through more tissue in one month then we normally go through in one year.

-Soccer was in full swing as well.  Kyle spent most of the month in tryouts for next season.  Tyler's team wrapped their spring season and I was right in the middle of my 2 seasons (both indoor and outdoor).

-In the midst of everything else we are still moving right along with school.  Yep...we are in our 31st week of school and counting down until we are all done for  the summer.  It will not be long.  The nice thing with home school is that we don't count down by weeks or days but rather by how many pages are left before finishing up the work in our books.  It looks like, if we stay on track, we should be all done by the end of May. Woohoo!

I will leave you with a picture of us at a Coyotes White Out game.  Fun times and lots of memories!