Sunday, April 29, 2007

Anyone Remember PFR?

My husband and I had an awesome experience at our church yesterday and this morning. The new music minister and worship leader that we have at our church is a guy from the former band PFR (Pray For Rain). Well, our church had a spring celebration this weekend and flew the other guys of the band in to town and they gave a concert last night and then lead worship this morning. OH it was SOO great!

The main lead man from the group, Joel Hanson, is still writing and recording some of his own work. He played a few of his new songs for us and MAN was it good! I can't wait until he records and produces them for all to hear. (He told us that he is heading into the studios this Tuesday to start the recordings.) In the mean time I did find one of the songs off his church webpage at . If you have the time and interest check it out. Click on the music link and you will find some of his current songs. The one I am talking about it called "A New Way to Live".

I would post a song or two from PFR off of UTube for you to listen to but I have no earthly idea how to do that yet. When I figure that out I will get them posted.

why blogging?

So you may be wondering why I finally gave in to becoming a blogger. After all I am not very outspoken (although just as most people, I do have my "soap Boxes", HA!) and I kind of stay-to-myself a lot.

First of all, I have discovered, after being a lurker for so long [Grin], that it is a great way to keep in touch with everyone out there that matters to you in life. Secondly, I have had the conviction that this would be a good way to share with others all those wonderful and profound truths that the Lord teaches and reveals to me from time to time. And thirdly, it's always fun to share good times, talk sports (hockey mostly, of course) and just have fun.

OK Jen...I did it, I did it! Finally a Blogger

Ok Ok I am officially a blogger! Now what? [Frown]

As you can see I am in the process of creating this blog site. Right now it is late as I have spent why too much time just thinking of ALL the blogging names (blog site name, posting name, URL name, etc, etc...whew!) and all the other "stuff" . So, that's all folk...for now. More to come later...