Monday, June 4, 2007

Go Ducks Go

It's the "Quest for the Cup", baby!

YEE-HA!!! The Ducks won tonight in game 4 of the cup final series against the Ottawa Senators. That puts them in the lead with 3 wins to 1 over the Sens. Game 5, scheduled for Wednesday, will be played in Anaheim. If they can bring home the win then they will bring home The Cup! Oh Man, I would LOVE to be at that game! Buutt... since I can't, I will be glued to the TV anxiously watching. If anyone is interested, you can catch the game on NBC at 8pm Eastern (5 pm Pacific). Help me cheer on the Ducks and keep the Cup on US soil. Yea!

Go Ducks Go!!

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Jen said...

I'll set my DVR so I don't miss it! I guess that's the least I can do since you did started blogging and all!! Go Ducks GO!!