Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Dentist

I went to the dentist today to have 3 teeth worked on. Yuk!

Two of the teeth were on each side of my lower jaw and so needless to say it was really interesting the rest of the day. They must have been really bad or really close to the nerve because they gave me a lot of medication to numb my mouth, more than I ever remember having. Every time I tried to eat, drink, or talk I had to literally hold my bottom jaw and move it and make it do what I needed it to do. It was so embarrassing at times. I even had to hold my mouth when I was checking out of a store because I could barely talk and when I did I started to drool. Oh my, I can only wonder what the guy at the check out counter must have thought. HA! On the positive side...It made me think of how very thankful I am for my health and that on a normal, typical day I do have the ability to eat, drink and talk with out any assistance. I am also thankful for the resources that I have such as dental insurance and a good knowledgeable dentist to keep my teeth in working order. (smile)

1Thes 5:18 comes to mind...."Give thanks in everything.."

He shoots...He scores

OK there is something that I overlooked in my last regards to our first 3v3 hockey experience Sunday afternoon...

Yes, let it be known, Shaun hit the score board first and scored his first hockey goal ever! Way to go Shaun!

This is how it went.... he was playing the right wing (he shoots lefty) heading toward the goal. His teammate passed the puck to him and it sort of fumbled on his stick as it went a little past him. The goalie dropped to a butterfly (he covered the bottom half of the net) and he got pretzel feet and started to fall. Shaun switched to his backhand and sent the puck over the goalie's left shoulder!! He scored his first official hockey goal, and did it while falling down, too.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Great Mother's Day

Posted by PicasaI had a great Mother's Day today. It started off with church, then lunch, then (my first experience at) 3 on 3 hockey, and finally it was home with pizza to watch the Ducks hand it to the Wings in OT! Yeah!

I have to say that today's message from our pastor was very refreshing. When I got there I sat down and kind of expected to hear the same o'l sermon as you tend to hear year after year on Mother's Day. You know, the scripture from proverbs 31 or something from psalms. Well, not today. It was great. I learned about Timothy and Timothy's mother, Eunice (to be honest I never remember ever reading or studying about Eunice). It was so great. There is so much to learn about Timothy and as you/I look at his life it is VERY evident that he was who he was mostly because of his mother and her diligence of bringing him up in The Faith. Timothy was a pretty big "Jesus Freak" (as we would say today) and changed many people with his life and how he lived, even Paul. Wow! He was a pretty influential man! In fact, in the New Testament there are 2 books written to Timothy and 4 others that refer to him or make mention of him. Wow! I pray that my sons would some day eventually have the faith and passion in Jesus like Timothy had. What a great story, example and truth we are given here in regards to raising children. The scripture that we studied from was Acts 6 and 2 Timothy 1. Check it out sometime, it is great.

Well, after church it was lunch and then off to the ice for our first experience at 3 on 3 hockey. Man, what a BLAST! We had a great time with that. After hockey it was time for dinner and more hockey. It was playoff hockey at home to watch the Ducks and Red Wings in their 2nd game of the series. The Ducks were able to pull off a win in OT at the Joe in Detroit! Go, Ducks, Go! A great end to a great day!

So, anyways...for all you mothers out there...Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Ready for our 3 on 3...

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Senators win tonight and take a 2-0 lead in the series...Bummer!!

Time for a little NHL talk...

As you might know (or not) the NHL is about midway through the Stanley Cup playoffs. Currently there are 4 teams left in the fight for THE cup. The Ducks and the Red Wings are battling for the western conference camps. And the Sabers and the Senators are the final 2 in it for the eastern conference. The winners of those two series will advance and play for the Stanley Cup (the ultimate of all honors). Of the two series currently being played I am cheering on the Ducks in the western conf. and the Sabers for the Eastern conf. The Ducks because...well I am just not a fan of the Wings and the Sabers because of a couple of the players on their team that we used to know when they played for Phoenix (Numminen and Briere...they are great guys and I would love to see them go all the way and win the cup).

All I can say right now is that it is not looking good for the Sabers. I just finished watching the Ottawa Senators beat the Buffalo Sabers in over time. It was a good game as Briere (Sabers) tied it up with only 6 seconds left in the game. Then it went all the way to double overtime when the senators scored off of a face-off. It was a quick slap shot and it was over. They lead the series 2-0 and now the Sabers have to play in the Senators home ice...that is not good as the fans really do contribute alot to the game of hockey. Specially Canadian fans...oowwww...not good, Sabers.

The Ducks and the Wings meet again tomorrow for the second time. The Wings won the first game and have the 1-0 lead in their series. It is a 7:30 ET start time. (4:30PT). You can find it on Versus (which is where we tune into for most games). We get it through Direct TV (it is just a regular basic programing channel) it think channel 608. If you can get it check it out. It is sure to be a great game . The Ducks and the Wings are pretty evenly matched teams. ((This is mostly for got me into and hooked on blogging now it is your turn to learn a little a hockey and give it try. Hehe!))

Ok, I know...I know...this may be a little boring to some of you...but stick really is an interesting sport to watch and a lot of fun. It is big in our house right now (with playoffs and all). So I am sure there will be more to come as the games go on. You can check out more on

9 more days...and counting...How many for you?

Ok, after reading many blogs out there I think most everyone is counting the number of days until school is out for the summer. Whether you are a student yourself, a parent of school age children or just live in a neighborhood of school children you can probably feel the since of anticipation of another school year coming to a close. What follows is usually a fun, relaxing and hot (for us anyways) summer. So far we have an eventful summer ahead of us. We have a family vacation planned for Walt Disney World in Orlando, a trip to visit family back home in TX, the continuation of hockey, and of course some swimming. With only 8 weeks of summer (yep only 8 weeks, we are on a modified year round calendar) it is sure to fly by with not much time for anything else. What about you? Anything exciting in the works for the summer months?

Also, next week my kids will get to find out who their teacher will be for next year. They will be moving up to 4th and a 2nd grade. WOW! I think most schools make the kids wait until right before school starts to find out who their teacher will be for the year. That is how our school has done it out here, anyways. That is how I remember it as a kid, too. However, this year the principal is going to try something new and make classroom/teacher assignments before the school year is over. That way the students will have all summer to look forward ( or NOT! uuuhh) to their new teacher, for the following year. This is also the first year at our school that they are not accepting teacher requests. (that's a bummer!) It is probably due to our school getting to be way too big. In fact this year we had to add 2 portables to the campus. Our small little town is not so small anymore. Oh well.

Another Friday...Another Fun Night of Soccer

It was another fun night of soccer last night. We are at the end of our season and finishing up the last round of our tournament. So, last night was a big game for us. If we won (which we did with a score of 2-0, yeah) then we move on to battle it out with the number one team in our division. It turned out to be a really good game for many of our players. I think it was probably one of the best games that I have played in a long time, too. Even many of the guys on my team commented on how good my game was. Wow. That does not happen too often. I usually play where ever I am needed. However last night I was able to play the entire game in my favorite position, on the back line at fullback (defense). I switch back and forth between left and right and occasionally cover for center.

Next week will be our last game until the fall. We will be playing for 1st place in our division. The other team is a tough team and has won all of their games the entire season (that's right even against us). I am sure it will be a challenging game. We will see...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The hockey stars


Ok, as promised, here are some pics of the boys at their very first hockey game this past Saturday. They were so excited. you can just see it on their faces.
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Here they are showing off their official jersey numbers...
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...sweaty in the locker room after the game.
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Mercy Me - Bring the Rain

This is such a great song!

Here is the story behind the song...

Here is the entire song...

May we always be thankful for the "rain" and be able to see beyond it.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Very excited for their 1st Hockey game tomorrow...

Well, after 4 months of hockey lessons for the boys they finally get to start on their first real hockey team. They had their first practice this past Tuesday and now tomorrow is the big day with getting to play their first game. They are so excited, even to the point of getting themselves to bed tonight so "that they can get their sleep and be ready for their game in the morning". HA!

They play on a "Mite" (the age and skill level for them) team and are called the Bruins. Their colors are Yellow and black. They are also excited because they will be getting their official uniform with their jersey numbers. On Tuesday they got to select their jersey numbers. Kyle chose #97, because that is Jeremy Roenick's (NHL player on the Phoenix Coyotes) jersey number. And, Tyler chose #88, because it is one number greater than Sidney Crosby's (the next Wayne Gretzky of the NHL who currently plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins) number 87. I thought that was actually pretty profound! He came up with that all on his own. But, then again, Tyler has always done his own thing.

And...of course there we will be, the fan parents, in the stands with video camera and picture camera around our necks looking like complete dorks capturing every least for the 1st game anyway! HA! So stay tuned...I am sure there will be pics coming soon.

Man, did we get beat!

So, for those of you who may not be aware I am a long time soccer player. I started playing when I was just a kid (I think 11 or 12yrs old). I played up until I got married. Then, I coached for a season or two and then before I knew it time passed and we were, all of a sudden, a family of four. So once the kids got old enough to be a little less dependant on mom and dad, I found a team and started playing again. I have been playing for the team that I am on now for about 2 years.

The league is a recreational league and pretty much it is all just for fun. The competitiveness can get a little hot at times but in the end it is all just good fun. There about 8 teams in our league, and although I do not know for sure, I think that we are one of the only teams that does not even practice together. We just show up each week, play our game and go home. We play once a week, every Friday evening. In light of not even practicing together we actually have won 99% of all our games. Ha, that is kind of funny...well not tonight...tonight we experienced that 1%. Ha! Yea we got beat 4 to 1! We really underestimated the other team and before we knew it we were down 2 to tippoooo...that's right NOTHING! Well we did come back and at least score one. After all who wants to walk away being defeted by a shut out! Right?

The WHOLE game was all a defensive game for us AND since I play defense I am absolutely pooped! I have not played that hard in a very long time. I am sure I will be feeling it tomorrow!