Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to blogging

I guess this is the story of my blog...catch up and updates.

We have been REALLY busy with moving and all that comes with that.  What comes to mind right now are Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes. Uuuggg.  And we still have boxes scattered around.

Mixed in with moving we had soccer practices, soccer games, church camp, tennis camps, a family reunion and birthdays.  Whew...that is a lot to keep up with.  At this point I am so glad that we are homeschooling again this year.  Most schools started this past week.  I am not sure that I would handle having to send the kids to school right now, too. 

Our new house is wonderful! For the first time in 17 years I finally feel like I can settle in somewhere. With every place we have ever been in the past we knew that we would most likely not be staying for longer then about 7 years.  This one...well we are staying until it is time to downsize (kids are out of the house) or we get too old to take care of the place.  So what does settling in mean? It means unpacking everything and if there is not a place or spot for it then it does not stay. For someone like me...that is so freeing! 

So, now that we are finally feeling a little settled, I will do my best to make this site a priority and get back to blogging here.