Saturday, June 2, 2007

School is out, time for some summer fun!

Well, now that school is out and we have already taken our big vacation....what next?

As usual, we will most likely be visiting family in TX sometime this summer. Other than that it is time to find things to keep the kidos busy and not get too bored the next eight weeks...or so. (School out here starts back on July 30th, so the summer will not be too long)

Both of the boys are still playing hockey. Their season ends right before the start of school, thank goodness (it is too hot out here in AZ for any other sport during the summer). In addition to hockey, Tyler will be taking a week long Jr. Golf camp and Kyle will be taking a week long soccer camp.

To fill in the gaps there is always the local swimming complex. It is a very nice facility and is almost like a mini water park with large slides, a lazy river, interactive water features, and even a water vortex (aka the toilet bowl, ha!).

Oh yea...we may even get to the other Disney park (Disneyland in CA), too, before the summer is over. I am trying to talk my sister into coming to visit and if she does I told her that we would take her (and her hubby) to see Mickey (HA!). Disneyland is a very easy trip for us from our house and it is always a lot of fun.

Oh yea and then there is always just chilln' at home.


Ginger said...

Can I come over? Your house is fun during the summer.. (always has been)!

Ames said...

Sure! Come on over...we would love to have you.

Yea...we try to keep life fun and interesting!!