Friday, June 29, 2007

Beauty Time Together

As posted by my sis...I had the honors of joining my grandmother and sister on one of their routine nail trips to the salon. They have been going together for a VERY long time.

One thing that was quit interesting to me was when we pulled up I noticed a brand new nail spa that had opened right next door. I thought "how odd, 2 salon's right next door to each other". When I saw that I began to wonder if the new one (which looked to be a pretty high end and fancy salon) would eventually put the other (a quit older and dated salon, by the looks of things) out of business. As I thought about that I began to become a little sad by the fact that the times that they share together at that salon would possibly come to an end. Well, that was on our way in and by the time we were on our way out I had a totally different perspective...if either of the 2 salons were to go under it was definitely NOT going to be that one (the older one). That place was packed the whole time we were there! I tell you, I felt like I was treated like royalty! It was exactly what a spa experience should be...make you feel good on the inside AND pretty on the outside.

I hope I have the opportunity to join them again someday.

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Jen said...

Yes! Their customers are loyal!! You don't have to be wearing that Prada bag, Ginger mentioned in her post, to get good service!! I' m sure they will be in business for a long time!! Mom and I started going there when they use to be in the mall, probably a decade ago, and Maw-maw and I have been going to the "new" one a good year or so before I got married so that has to be at least 8 years ago!

I am glad you enjoyed your pedicure. I LOVED having you there with us. I think the boys had a good time too! Ok Kyle did, Tyler was a little disappointed because there was "only things for women there!"

Love you!!