Wednesday, June 6, 2007

DUCKS TAKE THE CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Ducks team picture with the Stanley Cup after their win this evening over the Senators.

This is the Captain of the team, Scott Niedermayer, doing the traditional hoisting of the cup after it was presented to him and his team.

It was a great game. I would LOVED to have been there to see The Cup. It has to be one of the most difficult awards to win of any sport, with 82 regular season games and as many as 28 play off games. That's 110 games! Wow...think about it... each NFL team only plays 12 regular season games and just a hand full of playoff games (not sure the exact number). That does not even come close to the games played by an NHL team. Then throw in the physicalness of the game. It has to be the most physical sport there is. I heard a comment from one of the guys who won The Cup last year and he said that it took him almost 1 month to recover after the playoffs and to not "hurt" after waking up in the mornings. Whoooo! Heck, I play hockey (the bad news bears type, HA!) and it takes me a couple of days to recover from only about 1 hour on the ice. I can not imagine going through a play off series of games. I do have to say though, with as much as I love hockey, part of me at times wishes I was a male so that I could at least dream of playing in the NHL someday. haha!

Thanks to all of you who helped in cheering the Ducks on to victory and keeping The Cup on US soil.

Congratulations Ducks, 2007 Stanley Cup Champs!!


Chelle said...

First of all, I didn't cheer anyone on to the Stanley cup. Secondly, I don't particularly care of pro sports. However, I am super happy "your" team won the Cup. So, I will rejoice with you for the Ducks' victory. Quack quack quack!!!!!! :)

Ginger said...

Woo Hoo!!!!
The Ducks were my pick, too!
I'm ready for the next seson, though, so I can get back to cheering for my Stars. Fortunately for me, the hockey season has something like three days off, so they'll be back soon!!

Jen said...

Yeah DUCKS!!! Sorry I missed the game!!!

Ames said...

Actually, the Ducks are really not "my" team. However, since "my" team did not make it to the playoffs I had to cheer for a US west coast team to win. So the ducks were it. I knid of have 2 teams...1st is the Phoenix Coyotes and then the Dallas Stars.

I am with you, I am ready for next season, too. It will be here before we know it. I think hockey has the shortest off season of all professional sports. That makes it nice for the fans.

You missed it? Oh no! I still love you...HA!

Chelle said...

Well, whatever. Just make sure I know when to cheer and for whom I should cheer! HA HA.

Have I ever mentioned I don't really get into pro sports much?!?!

Ames said...

OK I will make sure and let you know who to cheer for and when to cheer. Make note right now, hockey season starts in September, so you have 3 months before cheering starts...ok HA! thanks!

Chelle said...

Got it, September. As long as it does not interfere with football a coach's kid, I do have my priorities. HA HA, really.