Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite Christmas Song

After reading Jen's blog over the past few weeks and her posting about some of her favorite Christmas songs, well it has gotten me thinking about what my favorite song is. Being a fan of more upbeat and contemporary music, some of the more traditional songs never have really stuck with me as "favorites". I always like hearing and singing any and all Christmas songs, however none of them really hit home with me as a favorite until a couple of years ago when I heard this song from Todd Agnew. It is called "In The First Light"and from my understanding it is not a new song but rather one that many artists have remade over the years. I have listened to a few different remakes on YouTube and none of them hold a candle to Todd's version. He has such an awesome voice that brings you right to the moment that he is singing about. Other than Todd's voice and the way he brings the song to life, the main reason why I love the song so much is that it brings a full circle of the the entire story of Christ and the purpose of his life, from his birth to his resurrection and second coming. In fact my most favorite lyric in the song is ..."But how much greater will our song be when he comes rule... the earth."

Ahh, so awesome!

p.s. I am sorry that I do not have the song posted directly on my blog. Still not quite sure how to do that. So for now you have to just follow the link.

Wins All Around

That's the way...uuhh, uuhh...we like it..uuhh, uuhh!!

Yep that is right, ALL wins this past weekend. There was a total of 4 soccer game wins for Kyle and one hockey game win for Tyler. Kyle ended up with a total of 5 goals as well.

Way to go boys!!
Here is a picture of Kyle's team with their 1st place trophies!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Day

Today is another big day of sports here. As I posted in my last post (last night), we have two more soccer games to finish out this weekends tournament and in addition to that, Tyler has a hockey game today as well. It is going to be a busy day. I will try and post some more pictures here with all the updates on how everything goes. For now, it is time to get the day started!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

2 wins for the team, 2 goals for the little man!

Kyle's soccer team played in the first 2 games of this weekend's soccer turnamnet today. They won their first game 4-2 and their second 4-0. Kyle played mostly defense in the first game and then scored 2 goals in the second game where he mostly played offense. It was a fun and exciting day. We will be headed back to the fields tomorrow to play in 2 more games. I hope they come away with some more wins.
Getting ready for his first game.

This was his second goal in the second game. Notice the ball in the net. Yea baby!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Recruited at my age? ...!!! What?

Yep, that is right. With our coed soccer season coming to a close this past week, many teams are already planning and preparing for the winter/spring season that is just around the corner. The biggest preparation is that of making sure that the teams have enough women registered on each team in order to sustain them through the entire season. It is mandatory to have and play at least 3 women on each team. So...with that most teams are usually on the hunt to fill their female spots as soon as possible.

Being with the same team now for years (not sure how many now), I have never even given thought to moving to another team...until now that is. The other day I was asked by another team if I would consider moving to play with them. After the initial shock wore off of another team wanting to have me on their roster, I actually gave it some thought. Being a loyal person like I am, I am having a difficult time making this decision. I am honored that another team would like to have me play with them, however I still really enjoy playing with my current team as well. Oh...Man... I am not sure what to do.

Kyle on New Club Team

With the start of a new season of club soccer play, Kyle was asked to move and play with a new team that is just getting started (within their club age bracket). This should prove to be a good move for him with some great opportunities down he road and much more added play time, too. We are excited to see where this "road" will take him. It is a very ambitious team so far. They have only had a week of practices and are already preparing to compete in a tournament this weekend. Wow! We shall see how they do in a few days.

Third Shut Out

Tyler had a hockey game yesterday. Not only did his team win, he also achieved his 3rd shut out!! Shut outs in hockey are hard to come by and, typically, very rare. Way to go Tyler! I think this win also brought their team up in the season standings from 3rd to 2nd place. Woo Hoo!