Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Home

Well the BIG Day is finally feeling like it is in sight.   The "IT" that I am talking about is our move in date for our new home.  WooHoo.  We are all so excited for this BIG day! We are on a countdown now and the number right now is 18.  Yeah Yeah!!

Fun in the SUN!

Well, my ideas of putting my "blogging time" on my calendar or on my daily lists (so I would write more here) didn't work.  None the less, I am here now and this is becasue I have intentionally made myself not think about "my list" for the day.  In fact I have not been home most of  the day to even look at it much less think about it. 

We took the day today and went out to one of the most awesome public city pools.  Seriously, it is like walking into a miniature water park.  They have it all: the water slides, whirl pool, lazy river, adult pool, kid beach play pool, diving boards and even lap lanes for those that are the serious swimmers. Whew! That is a lot.  And the best cost less to spend the day there (for a whole 3 people) then what most Starbucks drinks cost.  Now that I like!

So, the worst part of the day was definitely, with out a doubt, stepping in the shower at the end of the day and realizing that you are burned even more then you realized.  I guess it is time to start teaching my wonderful boys how to rub sun screen on their poor moma's back.

All in all we had a great time. I even joined them on the water slides and lazy river.  Yes, we had a lot of Fun in the SUN!