Friday, June 29, 2007

100% Chance of Rain

One of the big topics of conversation lately around here (on vacation in TX) is the small % chance of rain that we may or may not get. As we were driving in the car yesterday I saw a little drop of rain on the windshield and exclaimed "look, a little drop of rain, yea!". When Kyle heard me say that he said something that went a little like this..."yea, that must be a small % chance of rain because if it were 100% chance of rain it would be a bigger drop like this" (as he shows us with his fingers that the size of the rain drop would be really big). HA!HA! We all just cracked up! ... And then tried to explain to him that the % chance of rain does not refer to the size of the rain drops but how likely it is that it will rain. I don't think he really understood because this morning he was still talking about the size of the rain drops.

Oh, the things that kids think and is great!


Jen said...

That was pretty funny!! He was so cute holding up his fingers! Kids are really fun to have around!!

Chelle said...

Ok, that's just funny. Kids rock.