Thursday, March 27, 2008

our house make over...still moving along but almost complete

We have been working on remodeling, redoing and redecorating our house for about the past 10 months. Our most recent of the projects has been adding a new fresh coast of paint (and updated color) to all the walls. Now we are ready to move on to the FUN part, shopping for the new items and accessories needed to complete the rooms.

Last summer and fall we worked on remodeling our office and kitchen. Before that we completely re-did the kids rooms, their bathroom and the laundry room. Now we are finally getting to the main living areas of the house (you know, the ones that everyone sees when you have visitors). After we are done with this part, I guess we are on to the master bedroom and bathroom. I am feeling pretty drained right now so at this rate I think that will be a while. That is all good though. I keep teasing my hubby and telling him that it will not matter anyways because in the past, at out previous home, we did exactly what we are doing now (with updating our house) and by the time we got to the master bedroom we ended up selling and moving. So I guess we will see how far we get. (ha)

I will post pictures when the new furnishings and decorations are in place and everything is complete (for this phase anyways).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

No Win but a lot of hard work

Tyler played in his playoff game today. Boy, what a great game. I was tired just watching it. They ended up taking a hard loss of 2-1. So they took 2nd place over all for the season. All the players played very hard and put in a good game. Losing is never any fun but neither team expected that they would go as far as they did. Job well done, Tyler.

Watch for more hockey to come in a month or so when the next season starts. It is sure to be a good one as both boys will be playing together on the same team. (smile)

Great online blog Bible Study

I subscribe to email devotionals through Proverbs 31 Ministries. In one that I read about a week ago the author shared that she would be starting an online blogging Bible study. I decided to check it out and it is actually very good. It is by Rachel Olsen, who is apart of the Proverbs 31 Ministry. She is going through women of the Bible. I plan on trying to keep up and follow along with her. Her writings and posts are very easy to read and follow. I am one for interpreting the Bible on my own with very little commentary help (Inductive Bible study) and she encourages this as well. Check out her blog some time here. You will be blessed!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The other family Sport....

With all the hockey updates, it is only fair to give equal air time to the soccer star in the family. Yes, Kyle's soccer season is in full swing. They are the Yellow Hornets this season which is very fitting being that they are playing in neon yellow uniforms. You can see them a mile away, they are so bright. They have played 5 games to date and come away with 3 of those as wins. All 3 games that they have won have all been games that Kyle has scored 3 or more goals in. I tell you what...that kid is fast! Almost all of his goals have been on break aways. He can out run almost any kid that he plays with/against. If he has the out...he's gone!

These are a few pics from his last game...

Here is Kyle in action. He is the one that looks like he his getting ready to fall over. :)

A thumbs up after a goal!

Kyle resting after scoring another goal! Oh yea...there's me to the right...I'm the coach. 8}

Playing for 1st place in the playoffs

With this hockey season coming to a close, Tyler played in the first round of playoff games this past Sunday. There are only 4 teams in the league, 2 that won almost all thier games and then 2 that did not win as many. Well Tyler is part of one of the two that did not win very many. our surprise, somehow they came out with a WIN this past Sunday and now they are headed to the final game to see if they can take an overall 1st place!

We played the 2nd place team and the other "underdog" team played the 1st place team. EVERYONES surprise the 4th placed team came out guessed it...a WIN, too. So now both "underdog teams", that could not seem to get their game on all season, will now be playing for 1st place overall for the whole season. Pretty Cool! Win or lose, it is so awesome to see the 2 teams that trailed behind the entire season finally get one up on the teams that "crushed" them for so long.

Very Exciting... I tell ya! Here are a few pics that captured the big moment....

Final Score. They didn't just beat them...they smoked them! :)

Tyler celebrating the win after the final buzzer. I don't think I have ever seen anyone jump so far off the ground in hockey skates before.

Here is the team celebrating together with a ring around the goalie, Tyler.

Here is the proud brother showing his support.

Great video...

If you have not been over to Viaggio: Worth Watching post I suggest you do so. It is a great video of Sir Ken Robinson speaking of our education system and how we have it so backwards (well from my own interpretation, anyways).

After living with and raising a special needs child for so many years and going through all the struggles that we have been through in the public schools I totally "get" what this man is saying. Why should I have to feel pressured to give my child medication just because it makes the teachers life easier. NO! I will not! Deal with it! I think our education system today is so messed up. We are trying to fit education into a box, or on a paper with fill-in bubbles. Why should teachers have to be forced to teach children how to pass a test rather than what they are interested in or where their strengths lie. Who cares if my son can't pass a 2 min timed math facts test. What is the big deal? Why should he be punished for it and ultimately causing him to have a bad "taste in his mouth" when ever he sees a math problem in front of him. What gives?

Ok, I know... this is definitely a BIG "soap box" of mine. I would love to have the time and opportunity to advocate for others on this topic...oh yea, I forgot...I guess I need some type of education in "the field" first before I can do it. HA! Yea Yea Whatever!

Anyways...thanks for sharing this Ging.