Friday, May 4, 2007

Very excited for their 1st Hockey game tomorrow...

Well, after 4 months of hockey lessons for the boys they finally get to start on their first real hockey team. They had their first practice this past Tuesday and now tomorrow is the big day with getting to play their first game. They are so excited, even to the point of getting themselves to bed tonight so "that they can get their sleep and be ready for their game in the morning". HA!

They play on a "Mite" (the age and skill level for them) team and are called the Bruins. Their colors are Yellow and black. They are also excited because they will be getting their official uniform with their jersey numbers. On Tuesday they got to select their jersey numbers. Kyle chose #97, because that is Jeremy Roenick's (NHL player on the Phoenix Coyotes) jersey number. And, Tyler chose #88, because it is one number greater than Sidney Crosby's (the next Wayne Gretzky of the NHL who currently plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins) number 87. I thought that was actually pretty profound! He came up with that all on his own. But, then again, Tyler has always done his own thing.

And...of course there we will be, the fan parents, in the stands with video camera and picture camera around our necks looking like complete dorks capturing every least for the 1st game anyway! HA! So stay tuned...I am sure there will be pics coming soon.


Ginger said...

Your boys are so cute!!

I love that you guys are a hockey family!

Rich and I are pretty big Stars fans and try to get to games whenever possible.

We are learning (sadly) that hockey is a very expensive sport for fans, especially next to baseball. But then again, I guess baseball has to be cheap because...(snore)...

(j/k baseball fans!...sort of)

Michelle said...

Woo hoo for the little hockey players. what fun! Tyler sounds like a pretty cool kid coming up with his number like that. Have fun cheering them on!

Jen said...

How exciting!!! I wish I could be there to see them play!!! How long is their season? Maybe I can catch a game when I am out on Summer Vacation!!

It's weird because as I was reading I thought to myself, "I bet Tyler chooses the number 8" I chuckled out loud when I read he chose 88! When he was little wasn't his favorite number 8 or did I just make that up? Anyways I love the story and can't wait to see the pics!!!

Love you guys! GO BOYS!!!