Friday, May 4, 2007

Man, did we get beat!

So, for those of you who may not be aware I am a long time soccer player. I started playing when I was just a kid (I think 11 or 12yrs old). I played up until I got married. Then, I coached for a season or two and then before I knew it time passed and we were, all of a sudden, a family of four. So once the kids got old enough to be a little less dependant on mom and dad, I found a team and started playing again. I have been playing for the team that I am on now for about 2 years.

The league is a recreational league and pretty much it is all just for fun. The competitiveness can get a little hot at times but in the end it is all just good fun. There about 8 teams in our league, and although I do not know for sure, I think that we are one of the only teams that does not even practice together. We just show up each week, play our game and go home. We play once a week, every Friday evening. In light of not even practicing together we actually have won 99% of all our games. Ha, that is kind of funny...well not tonight...tonight we experienced that 1%. Ha! Yea we got beat 4 to 1! We really underestimated the other team and before we knew it we were down 2 to tippoooo...that's right NOTHING! Well we did come back and at least score one. After all who wants to walk away being defeted by a shut out! Right?

The WHOLE game was all a defensive game for us AND since I play defense I am absolutely pooped! I have not played that hard in a very long time. I am sure I will be feeling it tomorrow!

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Michelle said...

Oh well, at least it's for fun. I used to play on co-ed sand vball teams, but a competitive league. Some days, they sucked the fun out of everything! So, at least you are enjoying it. Hope you are recovering!