Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Great Mother's Day

Posted by PicasaI had a great Mother's Day today. It started off with church, then lunch, then (my first experience at) 3 on 3 hockey, and finally it was home with pizza to watch the Ducks hand it to the Wings in OT! Yeah!

I have to say that today's message from our pastor was very refreshing. When I got there I sat down and kind of expected to hear the same o'l sermon as you tend to hear year after year on Mother's Day. You know, the scripture from proverbs 31 or something from psalms. Well, not today. It was great. I learned about Timothy and Timothy's mother, Eunice (to be honest I never remember ever reading or studying about Eunice). It was so great. There is so much to learn about Timothy and as you/I look at his life it is VERY evident that he was who he was mostly because of his mother and her diligence of bringing him up in The Faith. Timothy was a pretty big "Jesus Freak" (as we would say today) and changed many people with his life and how he lived, even Paul. Wow! He was a pretty influential man! In fact, in the New Testament there are 2 books written to Timothy and 4 others that refer to him or make mention of him. Wow! I pray that my sons would some day eventually have the faith and passion in Jesus like Timothy had. What a great story, example and truth we are given here in regards to raising children. The scripture that we studied from was Acts 6 and 2 Timothy 1. Check it out sometime, it is great.

Well, after church it was lunch and then off to the ice for our first experience at 3 on 3 hockey. Man, what a BLAST! We had a great time with that. After hockey it was time for dinner and more hockey. It was playoff hockey at home to watch the Ducks and Red Wings in their 2nd game of the series. The Ducks were able to pull off a win in OT at the Joe in Detroit! Go, Ducks, Go! A great end to a great day!

So, anyways...for all you mothers out there...Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day!


Jen said...

I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day! It was nice chatting with you this afternoon! Love ya!!

Chelle said...

Sounds like you definitely had a great Mother's Day. And that message? Seems like an awesome one!