Saturday, May 12, 2007

Senators win tonight and take a 2-0 lead in the series...Bummer!!

Time for a little NHL talk...

As you might know (or not) the NHL is about midway through the Stanley Cup playoffs. Currently there are 4 teams left in the fight for THE cup. The Ducks and the Red Wings are battling for the western conference camps. And the Sabers and the Senators are the final 2 in it for the eastern conference. The winners of those two series will advance and play for the Stanley Cup (the ultimate of all honors). Of the two series currently being played I am cheering on the Ducks in the western conf. and the Sabers for the Eastern conf. The Ducks because...well I am just not a fan of the Wings and the Sabers because of a couple of the players on their team that we used to know when they played for Phoenix (Numminen and Briere...they are great guys and I would love to see them go all the way and win the cup).

All I can say right now is that it is not looking good for the Sabers. I just finished watching the Ottawa Senators beat the Buffalo Sabers in over time. It was a good game as Briere (Sabers) tied it up with only 6 seconds left in the game. Then it went all the way to double overtime when the senators scored off of a face-off. It was a quick slap shot and it was over. They lead the series 2-0 and now the Sabers have to play in the Senators home ice...that is not good as the fans really do contribute alot to the game of hockey. Specially Canadian fans...oowwww...not good, Sabers.

The Ducks and the Wings meet again tomorrow for the second time. The Wings won the first game and have the 1-0 lead in their series. It is a 7:30 ET start time. (4:30PT). You can find it on Versus (which is where we tune into for most games). We get it through Direct TV (it is just a regular basic programing channel) it think channel 608. If you can get it check it out. It is sure to be a great game . The Ducks and the Wings are pretty evenly matched teams. ((This is mostly for got me into and hooked on blogging now it is your turn to learn a little a hockey and give it try. Hehe!))

Ok, I know...I know...this may be a little boring to some of you...but stick really is an interesting sport to watch and a lot of fun. It is big in our house right now (with playoffs and all). So I am sure there will be more to come as the games go on. You can check out more on


Ginger said...

Go DUCKS!! I'd much rather see the Ducks win than the Red Wings.

Honestly, I haven't been watching very much hockey recently, especially since the Stars lost out in round 1. (!)

Did you know that Numminen used to play for the Stars? I guess it isn't that big of a revelation since hockey and soccer teams seem to trade players more than any other sport..

In the MLS, I heard that not only are the Galaxy getting beautiful Beckham, but that they're also getting Zinedine Zidane (famous French World Cup head butt-er)to come out of retirement for a season. I'm afraid that MLS is going to end up being the retirement home for all of the European geriatrics..

Jen said...

Ok Amy I guess that is only fair! I'll see if I can get that channel and check it out!

Ames said...

Great Jen. Were you able to get the game tinight? It was a good one! Love you