Saturday, May 12, 2007

9 more days...and counting...How many for you?

Ok, after reading many blogs out there I think most everyone is counting the number of days until school is out for the summer. Whether you are a student yourself, a parent of school age children or just live in a neighborhood of school children you can probably feel the since of anticipation of another school year coming to a close. What follows is usually a fun, relaxing and hot (for us anyways) summer. So far we have an eventful summer ahead of us. We have a family vacation planned for Walt Disney World in Orlando, a trip to visit family back home in TX, the continuation of hockey, and of course some swimming. With only 8 weeks of summer (yep only 8 weeks, we are on a modified year round calendar) it is sure to fly by with not much time for anything else. What about you? Anything exciting in the works for the summer months?

Also, next week my kids will get to find out who their teacher will be for next year. They will be moving up to 4th and a 2nd grade. WOW! I think most schools make the kids wait until right before school starts to find out who their teacher will be for the year. That is how our school has done it out here, anyways. That is how I remember it as a kid, too. However, this year the principal is going to try something new and make classroom/teacher assignments before the school year is over. That way the students will have all summer to look forward ( or NOT! uuuhh) to their new teacher, for the following year. This is also the first year at our school that they are not accepting teacher requests. (that's a bummer!) It is probably due to our school getting to be way too big. In fact this year we had to add 2 portables to the campus. Our small little town is not so small anymore. Oh well.


Jen said...

Ten more days for the kids, 11 more for the me and those are weekdays! I would love it if we could know who our students are before Summer! I could then get all the things ready that I put names on, get them laminated, cut out and ready to go. Instead of rushing at the last minute! I hope your happy with the boys teachers for next year! I am excited Kyle will be in 2nd grade! It's such a great grade if I do say so myself!!HAHA

Richard said...

Amy-so good to see that you and your family are well. I was excited to get your email. I didn't hear from you at Christmas this year, so I was afraid I had lost track of you, as has happened with so many old friends (old is just an expression, we are the same age!) We have 9 1/ 2 days of school left and then we are out as well. I know I am looking forward to it. The kids last day is the 25th, mine is the 30. I have loved teaching this year, but am certainly ready for a break. Again, thanks for sending me your blog link. I will check in from time to time. May God richly bless your time with Him today! Destiny