Monday, June 16, 2008

More Soccer

My soccer season ended a couple of weeks ago and once again we took 1st place in our division. It wouldn't be without a tie and a shoot out, but we won! I love playing and can not wait until the next season starts.

Tyler is also going to start playing soccer. A few months ago he informed us that he wanted to try his hand (or should I say"foot") at soccer again. He has not played for a few years (after discovering his love of hockey). So we signed him up for a fall league, that starts in September. And yes... I will be coaching once again.

Here are a couple of pictures of me playing soccer. Not the best, but you can see that I really do play. :) Now all I need are some of Tyler. We will have some in a few months.


Chelle said...

Congrats on the 1st place finish, and to Kyle for making the elite team. What studs you all are :)

Jen said...

1st Place again!! That is great!! I love all your posts you've written these past few days! Keep it up! Don't let it overwhelm you!!

I am excited for Kyle and Tyler as they adventured into this Soccer season!!

Yes, capture a lot of pictures as I love to see pictures of the boys!!

Hope today is going well!! I've been praying and thinking of Kyle all morning!! Give him my love!!


Ginger said...

Congrats on the first place! Hey, why aren't you flipping when you throw the ball in?
I always thought it was so cool when that girl did the throw in flip on your high school team.. Don't know how accurate it was...

Also congrats to Kyle on the Arsenal team. I like the English Arsenal team too. Maybe it's a sign of good things to come. :)

Ames said...

Hey Ginger...oh can't you tell from the picture..I just landed from my flip before letting go of the ball...NOT! Yea, that was Janie that would do the filps and believe it or not there is a guy in the same league that I play in now that does the same flips. Wild. It is effective. It freaks people out to, specially if they have never seen it before.

It is always good hearing from you.

Jen...Yes, Kyle is doing good. Everything went well.