Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kyle made Arsenal Premier 2000

Back in May (pretty much the entire month) Kyle went through try outs for a local, top notch, club travel soccer team. And yes, he ended up making the team. It really surprised us all but not as much as it did Kyle. He was SO excited when he found out that the head coach called to let him know he was on the team, that is if mom and dad approved. With a team, such as this one, it is just as much a commitment from the parents as it is from the player. It is still mom and dad that have to get him to and from practices, games and still have to pay for the travel part. We decided to let him give it a shot. He worked so hard and we could not take that opportunity away from him. It is a 1 year long commitment so it is not forever. It may turn out to be one the best things for him. we shall see.

The name "Arsenal" is the name of the club, as a whole. "Premier" is the name for the top #1 team in each division/age group (the #2 name is "select") and the 2000 designates his age group (he was born in 2000). So that is how we get "Arsenal Premier 2000".

He has already had a few hard practices and he is starting to realize how much more intense playing for this team is going to be. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date with where this new adventure is going to take us. I remember my days playing on a travel team. It is so much fun. I am sure this will be, too.

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