Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kyle's Surgery

Back when Kyle was a baby we noticed that Kyle's eyes didn't align and track like they should. So, after a consultation with Tyler's eye doctor (Tyler had already been diagnosed with the same thing) it was determined that he had the same issues that Tyler had, an over grown/thickened eye muscle (not sure what the technical name is). So at the age of eight months and then again at 18 months Kyle had surgery to correct the over growth of the muscle on his left eye. It worked like a charm. Kyle's eyes were straight again and the days of falling down, walking funny, tilting his head and bruises from falling all the time were over....Until recently, that is.

So after all these years we are back again for a check up with the best pediatric eye doctor ever, Dr.S. During our last office visit it was confirmed that the overgrown muscle was back, but this time it was the right eye. The doctor told us that he was not surprised to see it and had actually prepared us all along that it would possibly show up at some time in the other eye. So with all that we scheduled and prepared for another eye surgery.

That eye surgery was this past Tuesday and I am happy to say (Kyle is happy too) that it is over and everything went well. I can already tell a difference in Kyle's eyes, the way he walks and how he holds his head. He was really sick yesterday from the anesthetic (he threw up most of the day) but the eye is fine. Although he is pretty much back to his normal self we are still not out of the woods yet. There is a possibility of infection and we have to keep ointment on it everyday. He hates this part but understands that it is for his own good.

Here is Kyle with a new friend that he made while in the waiting room Tuesday morning. His name is Cole and he was having the same surgery that Kyle was having. Tyler was there also.

Here is Kyle after surgery (with Tyler)

You did it Kyle, Thank you for being do brave!


Jen said...

I am so glad Kyle is doing well and recovering from his surgery. Give him a big hug for me!!

Man the boys are really tan! Have you guys been hitting the pool?

Give all the boys my love!!

Love you


Ames said...

Yep, they have been in the water alot the past few weeks. Now Kyle has to wait one week before getting in the water again. That bummed him out. :{