Sunday, June 15, 2008

New horizons as ebay seller

I have always loved ebay, as a buyer that is. I have been a member since 2001 and have always had good success in finding what I am looking for, and in most cases getting a pretty good deal, too.

Well now I am trying out the other side, being a seller. With the kids getting older now and growing out of things really quickly I fiqured I would try and make an extra buck here and there on some stuff that is worth reselling. Not only does it put a little extra in the wallet it also helps us get rid of some stuff around the house that we are not using anymore. In the past we have just given all of our stuff away to a charity or to someone that we know is in need. We still give stuff to charity but now I am a little more selective as to what just gets "given" away.

I also have collected a few nice handbags over the years that I don't carry anymore. I know that they are still worth 'something' online, though. So those are going up for sale too. I wonder what else is lying around the house that can go up on ebay? uuhhnnnn.

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