Sunday, June 15, 2008

Schools out

The kids finally finished another year of school. Now we are on to grades 3 and 5. Wow. I have to say that both boys ended the year with some awesome grades and report cards. We are so proud of them! Kyle, being in 2nd grade, only gets effort grades but he still scored the highest in almost everything that he gets graded on, all "E"'s for Exceeds Expectations. And Tyler made the Principal's list once again (all "A"'s)! Way to go boys! They worked so hard.

I am not sure if I blogged about this or not, but after coming really close to pulling our kids out of public school (for next year) and start down the road of 50/50 private/home school option (there is a local christian private school here that offers a homeschooling program) we decided to leave them in their current school for at least one more year. Our school makes it a priority to assign and inform students of who their teachers will be for the coming year BEFORE they leave for summer break.

So, as things turned out, Kyle (in my opinion) ended up with one of the BEST 3rd grade teachers around. Not only that, he will be in class with some of his close friends (the ones that Mom and Dad approve of, that is -yeah). And Tyler ended up with the teacher that we were hoping for too for 5th grade. He got the new one that is to be hired by the start of next school year. So with that as well as a few other deciding factors we are staying with the public school for now.

I know that there will be some of you out there that think I will be a "trader" (being that I come from a long line of public educators) on the day I choose to pull my kids from public school and move on to something different. However, that was something that we knew we would someday eventually have to look at and consider with choosing to stay and raising our kids here, in such a liberal state and environment such as az. Some of the things that I see and hear coming from our schools out here are just crazy! We have not worked (working) as hard as we have (are) to raise our kids with the right morals, attitude and integrity for some education system to come along and pull it all right out from under us and ruin it all. Not going to happen!

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Jen said...

Look at Kyle's hair!! Too cute!! I can't believe how curly it is!! I guess he gets that from his dad!!