Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa's coming early!

My hubby said that I could go ahead and order my Christmas gift so that I (we) can use it on Christmas day. YeeHaa!

So my (our) new camcorder should be here next week, just in time for Christmas.

We do have one that we purchased about 10 years ago. It is the old small tape kind and after many hours spent trying to convert them to DVD, so that we could share with family and watch for ourselves, I decided that I was not going to use it anymore because it was just too painful. I have a still photo camera (that I got last Christmas) that also takes small short videos that I have been using over the past year. It has been getting us by but it is time to step it up to some longer play and better quality.

Can't wait!


Chelle said...

NICE! Enjoy. It sounds like fun :)

Jen said...

Yeah!! I happy for you!! I know you've wanted one a while now!!