Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tyler the Goalie!

Every since Tyler has started playing Hockey he has wanted to the opportunity to play goalie. Being that there is only one goalie per team (for the youth division that he is in) it can be difficult to get a spot on a team as goalie.

As it turns out, the team that Tyler is playing on this season somehow ended up without a goalie. The coach told all the players on the team that whoever wanted to try their hand at being goalie could do so. About half the team requested to give it a try, and Tyler was one. After everyone had their chance, the coach asked if there was anyone that would like to make the switch to being the full time goalie. Tyler was the only one that wanted to do it and not only that the entire team told the coach that they wanted Tyler to be their goalie. He was so thrilled to be selected but he was even more honored that the rest of the team chose him to do it.

He will be playing in his 5th (or 6th, not sure) game tomorrow as goalie and he is doing wonderful!

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Jen said...

I hope you get that camcorder so that
you get some great shots of Tyler!!

Go Tyler go!! I am so proud of you!!-Aunt Titi