Sunday, December 9, 2007

due for an undate

After a month, or so, I thought that I had better give an update. So, as things look right now, we are not putting our house back up for sale, at least not right now. After really evaluating the cost and praying about it we are back on the fence again and really feel like we need to give it a little more time.

Basically we are trying to determine if we should stay where we are and build on or move into a place that is "turn key" ready with exactly what we are looking for. The biggest "catch" to moving is that we will lose the land (which is becoming a rare thing where we are now) and most likely have to move into a homeowners association (yuck!, we don't like them!).

Well, that is the long-and-short of it. So, there you have it!


Jen said...

Amy, I love your current house! You do have a great BIG yard that has lots of potential! Plus if you move where will all the neighborhood kids play? I loved seeing all the kids playing their turkey bowl game Thanksgiving weekend in your backyard!! I am sure that will be a memory all of them will remember!!

I love you tons!!

Ames said...

Yea, I know, I love my backyard too. That is one of the biggest reasons why we are thinking about staying here. However, if we do stay here some of the backyard will go away because we will probably add on to the house. We could take down all the horse stuff in the far back and make a bigger yard, though.