Friday, December 14, 2007


The other day I received a letter from the school saying that they would like to have my permission to have Kyle tested for the gifted program (or, Enhanced Learning Program) in our district. It is not a big surprise. We have known for some time that Kyle is advanced for his age. It seems typical being a younger brother. However, there are a few concerns, as parents, that we have.

Being a small school district, they only have one program that runs out of a different school. So Kyle would have to be bussed to the other location weekly to participate in the program. Also, I have talked with other moms who have children in the program and their kids bring home additional homework that they have to complete for the program on top of their regular class homework. I don't know, to me that sounds like the smarter kids are being punished with more work just for being smart. Anyways...I did sign the paperwork. He will be tested in January. We will see how it all turns out. It may end up being something that will be good for him. Who knows?

I was never in the "gifted" classification as a child in school so I do not have the insight from the students perspective. I am not sure, but I think for some it really gives them a boost in confidence and self esteem. We will see how it goes for Kyle.


Jen said...

I will be surprised if he doesn't qualify! I am not just being bias either! He is definitely NOT your typical 2nd grader. Especially when it comes to math!! I hope what's meant to be will be!!

Oh and I have NO idea why they assume just because you are GT or smart then you deserve MORE Homework!! Yuck!

c said...

Amy girl,
I am glad you agreed to sign the paperwork to have Kyle assessed for giftedness. If he does qualify, and meets criteria doesn't mean you must put him in a program. If you decide to have him participate in the program, find out what the students are responsible for accomplishing. Lisa did well in her program, she enjoyed the additional work, Tim figured it all out about 6 weeks into the program and resented having the extra work, and Gena enjoyed the extended assignments, to a point. In my opinion, the programs can be very good, because they challenge those who are gifted. The programs that just give additional assignments on top of everything else are not truly gifted programs. You have the right to know exactly how this program is run, and know if it is additional work or an extention of what they would be doing in a general education class room.
Love to you all,
Aunt Cyndie

Ames said...

Hi there Aunt Cyndie,

Thanks for the post and the insight. Yep, I am going to do just what you suggested. I will wait and see if he even passes the test first. If he does then I will start talking with the gifted teacher and asking lots of questions. I do that anyways with their classroom teachers. I am sure that I catch them off guard sometimes. Growing up in a family of educators I have high expectaions...and that is just fine! ha. Thanks again. It is always good hearing from you.
Love, Amy

the Girls' Moma said...

I am SOOO behind in reading my blogs... but since I can weigh in here I thought I'd comment!

In my experience, as a GT student and a teacher, the greatest benefit to being placed in the GT classes was that I wasn't bored anymore. I was in a traditional English classroom the first two weeks we lived in EP in 7th grade, and I thought I might shoot myself in the eye. I HATED it! I can see how kids with lots of energy and little to challenge then could get in trouble in that environment.

Ask the questions, know the limits you want for Kyle, but most of all, find out what he thinks of the classroom he's in. If he's bored, if he has no challenge, he might need the GT class.

Love you, Ames!