Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer more than half over for us

I can not believe that our summer is more than half over. We are on a modified year round school year and only get 8 weeks for summer break. I do love the year round schedule, specially in the fall when we get 2 weeks break (most school don't get a break in the fall). However, the summer just seems to go way too fast.

I really enjoy having the kids out of school in the summer. We are on-the-go quit a bit and having a lot of fun. We have already, in the past 6 weeks, been on 3 vacations and many various day trips around the valley here in AZ. At this point, in their summer vacation and all that we have done so far, the kids are really enjoying just being at home. I hope to get out and do one more trip up to northern AZ to visit some friends before it is back to the books.


Jen said...

WOW!! I love all your posts!! I bet we're on the computer at the very same time!! You need to get instant messenger!!

I loved visiting with you last week!! Hopefully We'll get up to see you soon and we can continue our fun!

I love you

Ames said...

yep yep me too. so what day are you planning on being here? I will get things all ready for you. Grin! grin!