Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Many Fun Days Ahead

As mentioned before, birthday season is upon us. With birthday season comes many fun times, too. As usual this is the time when we get to have most of our family come and visit. Yeah. We are all excited to finally have family come our way and visit us. In fact, when the boys tell people that they are having a birthday soon their next comment is, "my family is coming to see me too". They LOVE it when family comes to see them.

So here is the crazy schedule of events...

-Tyler's B-day is Friday 27th
-My sister and brother in law are coming to visit and hockey pics for boys on Sat. 28th
-MLB game to see the Diamondbacks play on Sun29th- (in a suite right behind home plate - yea baby!)
-First Day of School for the boys on Mon. 30th (Oh yea, did I mention the kids start back to school this week too)
-My Dad and his family come to visit for more b-day fun on Fri., Aug. 3rd
-My B-day and family party for boys, Sat. 4th
-Kyle's B-day Thurs. 9th
-Road trip to San Diego, CA weekend of the 10th
-Last day of hockey, hockey party (maybe?) and Kid b-day party for boys on the 18th

Whew!! I hope that is all because I think it is going to take the rest of the month of August to recover from all that!! OH and did I mention that I was called to go back to work again this year as an aide at the kids school. Boy things sure are crazy around here!

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Ginger said...

Wow, you guys are busy!
I wish I could join in on all of the family time. Happy birthday to you and to the boys, and please tell everyone hi from me!!
Love you guys!