Friday, July 6, 2007

A New Home Office

In addition to redoing our Kitchen we are also completely redoing our home office. This project is one that we are taking on ourselves. We will be the ones to do all the work as it will save us a lot in labor costs. The work involved is really not all that hard it just takes time.

Here is what we are planning on doing. First, being that the room was originally designed to be a bedroom, not all that big and an odd shape, we are on the hunt for new office furniture that will fit our needs (specifically large 30+ inch monitors, they are VERY hard to find:) yes I live with a computer nerd, ha ) and also fit in the room. Once we find the right furniture then that will help us to know what wall(s) to paint and the color to paint them. The last thing we are planning on is replacing the carpet with laminate flooring. Does not sound like too much, but I can guarantee you that it will take us a good bit of time to get this project completed.

SO tomorrow, after our visit to the tile and granite showroom, we are off to look for office furniture. WooHoo!

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