Saturday, July 7, 2007


What a cool date! All day I kept thinking about ALL the people getting married today and also those that were saving the date for a planned c-section (you know, those women that actually get to choose the b-date of their baby like I got to do with my second child) just to have their child born on this date. Pretty Cool!

I have to say it was not much of a BIG day for me. All I did was clean, clean, clean! yepee fun! Nothing much to remember for me.


Jen said...

I know I thought about the date today too!! Pretty cool day! Not too exciting for me either!!

Did you get to pick out office furniture or granite for the counters?

That would be exciting!!

Ames said...

dope I did not get to do either. Shaun has been really sick today and was in bed for most ofthe day. Maybe tomorrow. I hope so.

Jen said...

OH bummer! I hope Shaun is feeling better!! Give him my love!

Ginger said...

Hi Amy!
7/7/07 is pretty awesome. I think it is so weird and cool that people get to pick their baby's birthday.

If I could pick any day to have a baby, I would choose January 1 at 12:01 so that I could get all the free stuff for having the first baby of the new year. Wait. Then there is that whole Christmas birthday situation that seems to haunt kids for the rest of their lives - only getting one present for two holidays etc. Nevermind.
It sounds like awesome changes are happening at your house! COOL!

I hope Shaun is feeling better today and hi to the boys!

Chelle said...

Fun day indeed. According to the news, many weddings were planned that day. Insane. Hope all are well in your house :)