Friday, July 6, 2007

Big Brother 8

Yes, just like Jen, I am a Big Brother junkie, too. I watched the first Big Brother 8 show yesterday and it seems like this season should be a pretty good one.

It is so neat to watch how people think (or how you think they are thinking and "playing" the game.). It is also really funny to watch some of them make total fools out of themselves.

I already have my player that I am routing for. It is Kail. I think that she may be a Christan. I assume this by the comment that she made about taking her Bible with her during her stay there. You can also kind of tell that she has a definite strategy and I am curious to see how she ends up playing the game in the months ahead. It just seems like she is real level headed and is using her brain rather than emotions and feelings.

Regarding her comment about "not giving up her seat for a pregnant lady" during the HOH competition, in my opinion, is all strategy. My thought is that she is trying to pull the attention of a "miss goodie 2 shoes" label off of herself so she is not such a big target.

Anyways, I will be watching on Sunday...will you?


Jen said...

OH I am glad to know I'm not the only crazy one!! I haven't watched enough to know who my favorite player is yet. I do think Kail is out to really play the game!! That may go against her! We will see!!

Do you have Showtime? If you do you can watch BB After Dark, every night from 10:00-1:00 (9-12 your time!)

Its really bad!! I am totally addicted the only thing is it has totally spoiled the show!! I already know who the Nominees are, but you knew that and I found out who won POV!! Arrgg!! Since its spoiled for me this week I don't mind watching but next week I don't want to know before the CBS show!!

Ames said...

no I do not have the showtime channel. Or at least I think I don't. We do have Direct TV but do not pay extra for all the movie channels. Is it a channel that you have to subscribe to? Do yo have it?

Jen said...

Well it is a channel you have to pay extra for and yes we have it! We've been saying for awhile now that we should cancel showtime and HBO because we hardly ever watch them but now I am glad we have it. But like I said it is a big spoiler!!