Saturday, January 23, 2010

55 in 6

I just saw on this blog a video that stated that kids (if on a recommended vaccination schedule) receive a total of about 55 vaccinations by the time they are only 6 years old.  Oh My!! This just screams...."Not Right"!  What have we come to?  Is our nation really that endangered by disease that it has to recommend that many vaccinations for children.  How pathetic!!! What it really screams is...."MONEY!!"  There is more money then we can even imagine that people are pocketing every time a child gets "stuck" with a needle.   It is all about money...NOT PROTECTION!

Really?  Think about it......don't be a lemming!

BTW....this statistic was from the summer of 2008.  I am sure it has increased since then.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bit the Bullet

Well, I didn't literally bite a bullet.  The figurative bullet that I am talking about is the new cell phone in the family that we purchased.  Yep, we "bit the bullet" and bought a cell phone for the boys to share.  Although I say it is the boys, it is actually "our" (mine and hubby's) phone. 

After moving into our rental house the boys have discovered a whole new world. See, we came from a house that was on an acre of land with not much around us.  There wasn't much to do right around our house and they would have to cross very dangerous high traffic streets or open fields with all kinds of wild stuff around to get anywhere. Now that we are living in a neighborhood with sidewalks and parks all around us the boys are out and about a whole lot more then they used to be. I think it is great for them to get out and explore a little and even meet some new friends here and there. However, I am not used to them being gone and I get a little freaked out at times when they are not around.  So, for my peace of mind (somewhat) I got them a cell phone to carry with them so that I can get a hold of them when I want to check on them.  We just got it yesterday so we will see how they do with it. 

Being With Family

When asked of Tyler, from the many people that he saw after Christmas, "What was your most favorite gift that you received for Christmas?" he would answer, "Being with family".    Wow! What a response.  The first time I heard him tell someone this I wasn't sure that I heard the entire conversation correctly.  Then, I think it was the next day, someone asked him the same question again.  His answer was the same.  Yep, I did hear him correctly the first time.  What an awesome response from a young kid.  I was and am so proud of him for seeing and realizing that all pleasures are not just found in material things but in things that money can not buy.  You rock, Tyler!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome 2010

Well, I guess I can't say that I made a new year resolution to keep my blog updated.  No, I don't see me keeping that one.  I can't believe that it has been almost a full month since I was last on my own blog.  Oh my!

A lot has happened in the past month.  Here are a few things going on here:
  • We had an AWESOME and very blessed Christmas
  • We had a wonderful time in TX visiting family.
  • We are finally moved into our temporary rental home and somewhat settled for now.
  • We are back in full swing with our schooling
  • Soccer has started again.
  • We submitted and had an offer accepted on a new home.
Yep, the last one there is quit exciting for us. However, it is an offer on a "short sale".  For those out there who are not "up" on what a short sale is, well let me sum it up with one word...."waiting"!  We put the offer on the house before Christmas (about 4 weeks ago) and have not heard a single thing from the other realtor except that the seller accepted our offer.  We assume that the other agent has things under control and is working on getting some answers from the sellers bank but that is just all assumption right now. Who knows what to expect in a housing market like we are in right now.  It is am awesome house that has about 99.9% of what we are looking for AND perfectly in our price range.  SO...we are willing to wait right now.

Our visit to TX was one that was well worth the trip.  My boys were able to meet some family that they had never met before. It was so cool, but at the same time makes me feel really old because the last time I saw some of the same family members I was just a child and we were all playing together.  Now we are all (most anyways) grown and have our own families.Kind of weird to think about.

After returning home I gave the boys a few more days to relax and unwind before hitting the books again. With school also comes soccer.  Kyle's team has played 2 games already this year and has won both of the them.  One was today and boy was it a nail-bitter! They ended up winning but only in the last couple minuets of the game with a score of 4-3. Kyle had 2 of the goals and one assist. Way to go Kyle!