Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bit the Bullet

Well, I didn't literally bite a bullet.  The figurative bullet that I am talking about is the new cell phone in the family that we purchased.  Yep, we "bit the bullet" and bought a cell phone for the boys to share.  Although I say it is the boys, it is actually "our" (mine and hubby's) phone. 

After moving into our rental house the boys have discovered a whole new world. See, we came from a house that was on an acre of land with not much around us.  There wasn't much to do right around our house and they would have to cross very dangerous high traffic streets or open fields with all kinds of wild stuff around to get anywhere. Now that we are living in a neighborhood with sidewalks and parks all around us the boys are out and about a whole lot more then they used to be. I think it is great for them to get out and explore a little and even meet some new friends here and there. However, I am not used to them being gone and I get a little freaked out at times when they are not around.  So, for my peace of mind (somewhat) I got them a cell phone to carry with them so that I can get a hold of them when I want to check on them.  We just got it yesterday so we will see how they do with it. 

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The Nassers said...

I think it does give you a peace of mind knowing you can always find them! The boys probably feel the same way too!