Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing for 1st place in the playoffs

With this hockey season coming to a close, Tyler played in the first round of playoff games this past Sunday. There are only 4 teams in the league, 2 that won almost all thier games and then 2 that did not win as many. Well Tyler is part of one of the two that did not win very many. our surprise, somehow they came out with a WIN this past Sunday and now they are headed to the final game to see if they can take an overall 1st place!

We played the 2nd place team and the other "underdog" team played the 1st place team. EVERYONES surprise the 4th placed team came out guessed it...a WIN, too. So now both "underdog teams", that could not seem to get their game on all season, will now be playing for 1st place overall for the whole season. Pretty Cool! Win or lose, it is so awesome to see the 2 teams that trailed behind the entire season finally get one up on the teams that "crushed" them for so long.

Very Exciting... I tell ya! Here are a few pics that captured the big moment....

Final Score. They didn't just beat them...they smoked them! :)

Tyler celebrating the win after the final buzzer. I don't think I have ever seen anyone jump so far off the ground in hockey skates before.

Here is the team celebrating together with a ring around the goalie, Tyler.

Here is the proud brother showing his support.

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Jen said...

I still can't get over Kyle's hair!!
It's getting SO long! Such a cutie!

I love the picture of Tyler celebrating!!