Thursday, March 27, 2008

our house make over...still moving along but almost complete

We have been working on remodeling, redoing and redecorating our house for about the past 10 months. Our most recent of the projects has been adding a new fresh coast of paint (and updated color) to all the walls. Now we are ready to move on to the FUN part, shopping for the new items and accessories needed to complete the rooms.

Last summer and fall we worked on remodeling our office and kitchen. Before that we completely re-did the kids rooms, their bathroom and the laundry room. Now we are finally getting to the main living areas of the house (you know, the ones that everyone sees when you have visitors). After we are done with this part, I guess we are on to the master bedroom and bathroom. I am feeling pretty drained right now so at this rate I think that will be a while. That is all good though. I keep teasing my hubby and telling him that it will not matter anyways because in the past, at out previous home, we did exactly what we are doing now (with updating our house) and by the time we got to the master bedroom we ended up selling and moving. So I guess we will see how far we get. (ha)

I will post pictures when the new furnishings and decorations are in place and everything is complete (for this phase anyways).

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Jen said...

I know you're ready to have it finished! I bet redoing the Master bedroom would be fun. Hopefully you'll the chance to do it. Unless what you really want is to move!

Can't wait to see the final product soon!

Love you!