Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Great video...

If you have not been over to Viaggio: Worth Watching post I suggest you do so. It is a great video of Sir Ken Robinson speaking of our education system and how we have it so backwards (well from my own interpretation, anyways).

After living with and raising a special needs child for so many years and going through all the struggles that we have been through in the public schools I totally "get" what this man is saying. Why should I have to feel pressured to give my child medication just because it makes the teachers life easier. NO! I will not! Deal with it! I think our education system today is so messed up. We are trying to fit education into a box, or on a paper with fill-in bubbles. Why should teachers have to be forced to teach children how to pass a test rather than what they are interested in or where their strengths lie. Who cares if my son can't pass a 2 min timed math facts test. What is the big deal? Why should he be punished for it and ultimately causing him to have a bad "taste in his mouth" when ever he sees a math problem in front of him. What gives?

Ok, I know... this is definitely a BIG "soap box" of mine. I would love to have the time and opportunity to advocate for others on this topic...oh yea, I forgot...I guess I need some type of education in "the field" first before I can do it. HA! Yea Yea Whatever!

Anyways...thanks for sharing this Ging.


Jen said...

Hey Amy, I agree it's a great video. I actually thought about it off and on all day today. As a teacher I don't want stifle my student's creativity. I agree many teachers put SO much emphasis on tedious things, like math fact quiz. (I do see the importance though!)

I think there needs to be a balance of both academic and Creative outlets. Which I know is very unevenly balanced in our current educational system.

Hopefully one day the pressures put on teachers will lessen and those "tests" won't be the only criteria to measure a student's growth!

I can dream, can't I?

c said...

Yes, Jen keep dreaming. It is so sad that school isn't fun any more. Everything is centered on meeting AYP that educators have been forced to do as much, as quickly as they can. Teaching is not what it used to be, sadly. With NCLB, standardized testing, and meeting annual yearly progress,educating students has become a business run by federal and state governments.
But, yes keeping dreaming for the day that learning and teaching will be fun again.
Aunt Cyndie