Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The other family Sport....

With all the hockey updates, it is only fair to give equal air time to the soccer star in the family. Yes, Kyle's soccer season is in full swing. They are the Yellow Hornets this season which is very fitting being that they are playing in neon yellow uniforms. You can see them a mile away, they are so bright. They have played 5 games to date and come away with 3 of those as wins. All 3 games that they have won have all been games that Kyle has scored 3 or more goals in. I tell you what...that kid is fast! Almost all of his goals have been on break aways. He can out run almost any kid that he plays with/against. If he has the out...he's gone!

These are a few pics from his last game...

Here is Kyle in action. He is the one that looks like he his getting ready to fall over. :)

A thumbs up after a goal!

Kyle resting after scoring another goal! Oh yea...there's me to the right...I'm the coach. 8}

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Ginger said...

That looks like so much fun!! I will probably be a coach for my kid too.. of the chess club. Between Rich and me, the athletic genes are severely lacking. But that's OK. I can still GO to soccer games and hockey matches. At least there's that. :)