Sunday, August 5, 2007

Out of touch for a while

Well, it has been a wonderful whirlwind this past week. My sister, Jen, and my brother-in-law came to visit. They arrived on July 28th and left today, Aug. 5th. They stayed for over one week. It was the longest time that we have had to spend together in a REAL LONG TIME! It was absolutely wonderful! We visit them quit a bit through out the year, however it is just not the same as when they come here. There is a lot of family for us to visit in TX when we go there so we pretty much only get "shared and split time" together. When they visit us here in AZ it is just us and them.

We did many fun things together this past week. The week started off with hockey and baseball. They got to see our kidos play hockey (several times actually) and on Sunday we went to see the Diamondbacks and Braves play at Chase field in Phoenix. Then on Monday it was the boys' first day of school. They were so excited to have family here to share in their first day back to school. One of the days Jen went and had lunch with the boys at school. That was a big treat for them. One of the days, after dropping the kids off at school we went out for an entire day of shopping and walking the mall. There were some days that I was not able to spend parts of the day with them, now that I am back to work and volunteering at the school, and they enjoyed getting out and checking out the Scottsdale mall as well as take a few Apple imac and ipod classes.

On Friday we went to see a movie, "The Bourne Ultimatum". It was a great movie, specially if you have seen the first two. After the movie we came home and greeted our dad, who drove in that afternoon from TX to spend the weekend with us. That night we invited some of my hubby's family over and had a little family b-day party for the boy's here at the house. The next day was my b-day. It was a full day, too. Again, more hockey, then some open skate (ice skating)time for those of us who wanted a little exercise. After that we took the long drive out to Cabela's outfitters, per my dad's request. That is a massive store!

We had a relaxing time at home most evenings just enjoying family, doing Sudoku puzzles and watching the BB8 live feeds. There were many wonderful times and lots of memories made. I can't wait until we get to do it again.


Jen said...

Amy I had a great week too! We definitely have to do it again soon!! Love you!! Thanks for a wonderful week! Give the boys my love!

Chelle said...

Whew, I am tired just reading about it all! sounds like a great time for everyone...whooppee!