Sunday, August 5, 2007

Back to School...already?

Well, the summer is officially over for us this year. Days off from school, that is still plenty hot enough to know that the summer season here in AZ is still among us. lol

The kids started school this past Monday and will already be in their 2nd week of school starting tomorrow. I really can not believe it. We had a great summer and was not really that ready to start a new school year, but it is here anyways. Tyler is in the 4th grade this year and Kyle in the 2nd grade. Wow, time flys! Both kids got really wonderful teachers and I am looking forward to working with them through the year in the boys' education.

With the start of a new year also means returning to part time work and volunteering at the school for me. I love being at the school, helping out and also working part time hours as a playground aide a couple days a week.

Here we go....

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Chelle said...

YIKES! Already back to school?!?! Crazy. This is the first year I have no idea when anything starts since it's the first fall I won't be teaching. Strange...but wonderful1