Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a great family day today.  We have been attending church on Saturday evenings for the past few months and since we already attended church last night we were able to start the day with a little sleeping in time.  Aww...that was so nice.  We were able to turn off the alarm clocks and not have to worry about being up and ready by any certain time.  After we finally crawled out of bed, we exchanged our small valentine gifts with each other.  We, typically, don't go all out for the kids or each other (me and the hubby) on valentine's day.  It is so encouraging to see the kids get so excited over the smallest gifts.

This year I had the idea to do something a little more fun for them.  About a month ago I was in Paradise Bakery and saw that they were advertising heart cookies that were iced to look like the "conversation heart" candies. I thought that was such a cute idea and decided that I would order one for each of the boys for valentines day this year.  I didn't order them that day because I wanted to get hubbies thoughts before I did.  After talking with him about it he thought it was a great idea but made the comment that it might mean a little more and actually taste a little better if they were home made.  My first reaction was "whatever", but after thinking about it I decided that I would give it a try.  I have to say that even though they didn't look as professionally done, they were quit tasty.

In addition to the home made cookies there was also candy and cards that we exchanged.  Of course you have to have the valentine's chocolate, at least for Tyler and I. Hubby and Kyle like the sweet and sour sugar candy (what are they thinkin'?). ha!

Here are the cookies that I made the boys.  They are Sugar Cookies with Butter Cream Cheese Icing. Mmmm...

You can tell by the look on their faces that they were a little surprised that I actually made the cookies.

One last gift that I received from the hubby was a night out next weekend to hear Gary Thomas speak.  Gary Thomas is the author of the book "Sacred Marriage".  Our church has started a new Marriage Ministry, called TwoIgnite, along side Ted Cunningham's church (Woodland Hills Family) in Branson, Missouri.  (Ted Cunningham has co-authored a couple books with Gary Smalley) Each month there is a focus/theme for the ministry and the church usually has something cool to go along with it.  This month is called Two Risk.  To go along with this month's theme of Two Risk the church is bringing in Gary Thomas as a guest speaker. This is something quit special to me as Gary's book was a huge blessing in a desperate time of need for me almost 5 years ago.  I am so excited to be going to a marriage building night together at the church with my hubby but it is even more thrilling to be going together to hear Gary Thomas.  I can't wait.  Oh yea...and I don't even have to plan the child care. How awesome is that!


Chelle said...

Sacred Marriage is probably one of the best books every written! It's so amazing. A friend gave it to me at my bridal shower. I sat and stared at the cover, which says, "What if marriage is to make you holy, not happy?" for two weeks before I'd open it and read it!

Miki said...

Your cookies turned out awesome! Great job! Sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day! Miki