Sunday, February 7, 2010

Worship and Praise Sunday

Here is my first post for Worship and Praise Sunday.  It is a song that we have been listing to and singing in our home for a while now.  To be honest I am not sure what the spiritual side of the song is. However, we first heard it and it is played a lot on Klove.  It has a very upbeat rhythm and some fun lyrics.    

It is Fireflies by Owl City.  It is one of those poetic type of songs where you have to read more into the lyrics then just taking them for face value.  There have been several thoughts and explanations from different people as to what exactly the message is in the song.  I will not try to give a full explanation, but if you would like more information on it you can find it here


Jen said...

Yay!!! Thanks for joining in my W&P Sunday!! WOW you've written several posts in the last few days!! Looks like this new blog design has given you inspiration!! Yay!! Since I am your sister and have access to your blog (hee hee) I am going to link you on my W&P Sunday post!!

Love you!!

Miller Racing Family said...

We are on the same page this week. I posted a not so traditional Christian song. Isn't it amazing how God speaks to us all in different ways. This was a very good song. I love the beat! Hope you have a great weekend!