Thursday, May 21, 2009

Promotion Day and Awards

Today was 5th grade promotion day at school. Tyler will be heading into middle school next year. I can't believe it!

In addition to having the promotion ceremony they also received their quarterly awards. Tyler made honor roll again and, even better, was selected by his teacher for the citizenship award for his class. I am such a proud mom! Growing up my mother would always make such a big deal about citizenship awards and tell me that citizenship awards were always better then any grade you could make. Being a mom myself, I now understand what she was talking about. Being a good citizen can take you much farther in life then any grades can!

Way to go Tyler! I am very proud of you!


Jen said...

I am one proud AUNT!! I literally have chills and tears in my eyes!! Yes, I agree citizenship awards in my eyes are the most important! As a teacher I would put in a lot of thought into who would get the citizenship award in my class. I would then make it be the very last award I would give out and I then would make a BIG deal out of it!! I guess I got all that from mom! Yep, I remember her telling me that too!!

I am so proud of you TYLER! I can't believe you're going into the 6th grade!! Man I feel OLD!!!

Amy, I WILL give you a call this weekend!! Oh and BTW you can call me TOO!!! hahahhhaaa!!

Bethany said...


the girls' moma said...

Congratulations, Tyler! That is wonderful! Citizenship is very important -- the girls and I talk about being a good citizen a lot. I can't wait to show them this post!

And Tyler -- Good luck in middle school!

(That's for Mom and Dad, too!)