Sunday, May 31, 2009

3v3 Midnight Maddness Under the Stars

Kyle was invited to play in another 3v3 soccer tournament this past weekend. Being that it is SO hot out here already this tournament was an all-nighter. It started at 4pm and ended around midnight. It was a late day/night but it sure beats sitting and playing in 100 degree + heat. Even though the days are hot the nights are still cool and very enjoyable. It was a perfect night for soccer.

Here is Kyle with his team. There are only 5 on the team. Aren't they so cute!
Here is Kyle with one of his team mates, Peter.

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Jen said...

Wow!! How fun for the boys!! Playing soccer at Midnight!! Totally understand though with that heat!! We've been spoiled here for the past 3 weeks! It's been in the 80s but this week it's suppose to get HOT again!! YUCK!!

Love the pictures!! Kyle just looks like a soccer player!! I think it's the hair!! Haha!!