Monday, December 8, 2008

Recruited at my age? ...!!! What?

Yep, that is right. With our coed soccer season coming to a close this past week, many teams are already planning and preparing for the winter/spring season that is just around the corner. The biggest preparation is that of making sure that the teams have enough women registered on each team in order to sustain them through the entire season. It is mandatory to have and play at least 3 women on each team. So...with that most teams are usually on the hunt to fill their female spots as soon as possible.

Being with the same team now for years (not sure how many now), I have never even given thought to moving to another team...until now that is. The other day I was asked by another team if I would consider moving to play with them. After the initial shock wore off of another team wanting to have me on their roster, I actually gave it some thought. Being a loyal person like I am, I am having a difficult time making this decision. I am honored that another team would like to have me play with them, however I still really enjoy playing with my current team as well. Oh...Man... I am not sure what to do.


Amy said...

I think you should do what you feel is right to you. Let your old team know what is going on. I bet it would be neat to play with another team to get to know more people and try something new. But always do what you feel is right. That is really neat the other team wanted you.

Bethany said...

That's pretty cool! Who wouldn't want a hot shot like you on their team! Love you auntie!