Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite Christmas Song

After reading Jen's blog over the past few weeks and her posting about some of her favorite Christmas songs, well it has gotten me thinking about what my favorite song is. Being a fan of more upbeat and contemporary music, some of the more traditional songs never have really stuck with me as "favorites". I always like hearing and singing any and all Christmas songs, however none of them really hit home with me as a favorite until a couple of years ago when I heard this song from Todd Agnew. It is called "In The First Light"and from my understanding it is not a new song but rather one that many artists have remade over the years. I have listened to a few different remakes on YouTube and none of them hold a candle to Todd's version. He has such an awesome voice that brings you right to the moment that he is singing about. Other than Todd's voice and the way he brings the song to life, the main reason why I love the song so much is that it brings a full circle of the the entire story of Christ and the purpose of his life, from his birth to his resurrection and second coming. In fact my most favorite lyric in the song is ..."But how much greater will our song be when he comes rule... the earth."

Ahh, so awesome!

p.s. I am sorry that I do not have the song posted directly on my blog. Still not quite sure how to do that. So for now you have to just follow the link.

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