Saturday, December 13, 2008

2 wins for the team, 2 goals for the little man!

Kyle's soccer team played in the first 2 games of this weekend's soccer turnamnet today. They won their first game 4-2 and their second 4-0. Kyle played mostly defense in the first game and then scored 2 goals in the second game where he mostly played offense. It was a fun and exciting day. We will be headed back to the fields tomorrow to play in 2 more games. I hope they come away with some more wins.
Getting ready for his first game.

This was his second goal in the second game. Notice the ball in the net. Yea baby!

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Jen said...

WAY TO GO KYLE!!! Love the picture of Kyle making the goal!! What a great shot!!

Gook luck today!!

Love you

Aunt Jennifer