Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thinking of moving

Yes, we are exploring that option again. Making another move. It is exciting and stressful all at the same time. We really feel like we are so post to stay in AZ so here we go again. We had our house for sale about a year ago with the intentions of moving back to the wonderful state of TX, however that never happened. With all the different job offers that my hubby has been getting here in AZ it is pretty obvious that we are meant to stay here. That really is fine with us. We do like AZ and all that it has to offer here.

We have been looking at other homes the past few weeks, some resale and some new. It would be nice to own a new home and be the only owners. The past houses that we have had have been ones that we are constantly doing and redoing from others half-ways jobs. How frustrating for us. I guess being two engineers we are just way too picky. Oh well.

We went house "hunting" again yesterday. This time we looked at some new builds. And of course we found one that we liked. Bad part is that the builder will not accept any contingency offers for our house to sale first. So now we are on the move to try and finish up with the last bit of our remodel so that we can get our house back on the market and see if we can get it sold. This is where the stressful part comes in . Our market here in AZ for sellers is absolutely horrible right now.

This house that we found is really awesome. It is 3 stories (yes 3!!), a 2 story with a basement. We are specifically looking for a basement home so we can build another theater like our last house had. We are basically reducing the amount of outdoor land for indoor "play" space. We would be moving from 1 acre to a 1/4 acre. We figured if we are going to stay in AZ then we need to maximize the amount of indoor space being that it is way to hot to be outside most of the year. we go again.


Jen said...

I know how much you guys would love to build your own home with all the things that you want! I hope you can sell your house, so that you can get into the house you want.

Maybe the reason it didn't sell before was because you all weren't suppose to move to TX. Now that you have realized that maybe it will sell! I'll keep my fingers crossed and definitely keep it in my prayers.

The new house seems awesome!! 3 stories!! WOW! You'll get your exercise! Oh and I know how much you and S will LOVE a theater. I miss the one in your old house!

Good luck!!

Ames said...

Yea...we all miss the theater...even the boys. When we talked to them about moving and that they would probably get their own play room they were actaully more excited about the theater. lol...we are all movie junkies what can we say. S is even going to set it up for regular television and gaming, too. That will be nice.