Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Halloween...a little late

Admittedly, we are not that big on Halloween around here. However, we do let the kids dress up and have fun with letting them participate in the local Halloween festivities. The past couple of years our town has organized and put on a "Trunk-or-Treat" at the main local park right down the street from us. The biggest draw is, of course, all the candy that you get as you pass from trunk to truck. They also had jumping houses, game booths, food booths and various different contests and live music.

So after getting all dressed up in their costumes we were off to the park. The kids had a lot of fun and since the majority of our town is still mostly agriculture and farm land with houses spread far apart, it was nice not to have to walk forever from house to house and feel like your legs were going to fall off by the end of the night.

We were very fortunate that the kids choice of costumes were ones in which we had all the stuff for. There was no cost involved this year. Very NICE!

Here they are. Tyler was a hockey player and Kyle was a soccer playing ninja (he could not decide if he wanted to dress up as a soccer player or a ninja so he decided to combine the two). HA! He thought it was cool and that is all that mattered. If you look closely at his shoes you can see that he is wearing his soccer cleats.


the Girls' Moma said...

I LOVE the soccer playing ninja! That is hilarious! Did anyone guess "Hey, you must be a soccer playing ninja!"?

This trunk-or-treat thing is catching on. I keep hearing about them.

Glad you had fun!

Jen said...

Glad the boys had a good time!! Trunk-or-treat is pretty cool!! Yeah and Kyle the soccer playing ninja IS pretty funny!!

Oh and I LOVE the new counter tops in the background of the picture! It gives your kitchen a totally different look!!

I am so excited to see you blogging everyday!! I am going to add you to my NaBloPoMo Buddies list! So keep it up!!

Chelle said...

Smart kid, combining the two things he likes. Love how his brain works. Why choose one when you can be both? Very smart.

Our church did a trunk-or-treat at an event they held. The kids love it, I think it's much better than getting up to answer the door a million times.