Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tag I'm it....Now who??

I have never been one to do these types of things...I guess because for most things in my life I don't usually think about "favorites"(I like a lot of variety and change) keeping that in mind for it goes....

1. Favorite TV show: I don't watch all that much tv. Recently, when I have, it has been Big Brother, The Bachelor, NHL Hockey (I typically like the reality shows), does my computer screen count? lol

2. Favorite music: I like A LOT of different types of music. When I am in my car it is usually KLOVE or country. When I am playing around with the kids or on my computer it is usually hip hop/jam music.

3. Favorite color: Green (ok, favorite color is something that has not changed for me since I was a kid.)

4. Five favorite things to do: play soccer, watching kids in their sports games, dates with my hubby, my Bible studies (Precept studies are the best!) and sleeping in!

5. Favorite ice cream: Chocolate with Peanut Butter from Cold Stone!! (me too...funny story with this one....I guess that is another blog:))

6. Stitches: No

7. Broken bones: Yes, collar bone.

8. States I've been to: California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, Florida, New York, Massachusetts (drove through others that I can't remember on a road trip when I went to New York and Mass. )

9. Favorite snacks: right now (this is one of those that changes often) cheese and crackers

10. What I'm most proud of: My family

11. Favorite store: Right now...(again this changes often) Kirkland's Home

12. Favorite dog: (My Lady)

So there you have it!

Oh and BTW...this should count for a post on Nov. 2nd (trying maybe to post everyday in Nov.) since I have not even started my day for the 3rd yet! I am a night owl!


Jen said...

Thanks for playing Ames!! See it wasn't that bad was it?! I loved reading it. I especially loved when you wrote your favorite dog was My Lady! Very sweet!! She definitely is your Lady!

When did you break your collar bone. I know you did but I can't seem to remember it. I am thinking it was when you were pretty little because I don't remember it!! Also all those ankle issues you had while playing soccer in High School never resulted in a broken bone?

Love you and once again thanks for sharing!!

Oh and yeah for you for trying to participate in NaBloPoMo! That makes me very excited!!

Ames said...

Yea I brock my collar bone when I was about 8, I thnk. I was riding bikes with Randy and the cousins and I ran into a parked car. Oh yea I forgot about the time when I fractured my foot at the play ground by our house. Do you remember? I made you drag me home on the round plastic disk that we used at white sands. Not sure why we had it with us at the time but we did. Then, Mom didn't believe me and made me go to school that next day and I could not even walk. When Mom finally took me to the doctor and we found out it was fractured she felt really bad. I forgot about that....No, I never broke my ankle. it was all muscule and legament (sp?) issues.

Jen said...

Ok I now remember the stories of you breaking your collar bone!! Yeah if you were 8 I was only 4! And YES I remember you breaking your foot at the park!

Mom always tended to under react to things!! When I broke my arm she told me I had just twisted it and would be fine. About and hour later Arleen was the one that convinced her that maybe we should get it checked and yep sure enough, it was broken!! And then when I had my blood clot I remember calling her one night around 10 crying because my ankle was really swollen and my leg really hurt. I told her that I thought I should go to the emergency room and she talked me into waiting until the morning. When morning came the swelling had gone down so I waited about a week before finally going to the doctor and sure enough what I was pretty serious!! From that moment on mom told me to always follow my gut instinct!! She felt really bad!!

I sure do miss her!! See your little homework assignment brought back a lot of great memories!!

I love you!!

Ames said...

Yes, It did bring back a lot of memories! Thanks for pushing me to do it. :)